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Online food shopping has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent times. It has shifted from being a niche market to a mainstream trend driven by convenience, time-saving benefits, and hassle-free experiences. From ready-to-eat meals to cooking boxes, the possibilities are endless. Consumer expectations have risen as well.

Today, e-buyers demand product variety, upfront delivery scheduling, and impeccable packaging tailored to their needs. Temperature-controlled transport, detailed parcel tracking, and carrier transparency are also essential.

Join us on a journey through the ever-evolving world of online food shopping!




Home icon blackred 59% possibility to order from home and at any time

Shopping cart icon in blackred 52% no need to carry grocery bags

Clock icon in black and red 51% less time consuming than going to the store


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The world is changing at a rapid pace, bringing with it an abundance of new challenges and opportunities. On the heels of the “pandemic boom”, e-commerce has entered a new phase– one that is more selective, with a shift in focus from the non-essential to the essential.  In this transitional period, the fresh food and beverages category has met the challenge of  maintaining the sudden popularity reached during the pandemic in the more challenging economic context that followed. E-shoppers continue to appreciate the numerous benefits of buying food online, particularly the convenience it offers and the time it saves.

Jean Claude Sonet, EVP Marketing, Communication and Sustainability, Geopost


Sandrine Malavieille, Group Food Director at Geopost, discusses the needs and motivations driving fresh food and beverage buyers and how to meet those needs for lasting growth.

Delivery is a key lever, to ensure the growth of online food shopping, providing safety and reliability for consumers. New offers have emerged online, answering a greater need of convenience. Saving time remains one of the main motivating factors for consumers. However, inflation has led to consuming less and closer to home, and reducing non-essential purchases while looking for good deals."

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Sandrine Malavieille,

Group Food Director at Geopost


When it comes to buying fresh food and beverages online, e-shoppers seek convenience from start to finish.

E-shoppers choose to buy fresh food and beverages online, to avoid carrying heavy bags whilst being able to shop anytime, and save time. They appreciate lower prices, reduced temptation for unplanned purchases, and the stress-free experience of online shopping.

This is reflected in increased purchases and expanded product types. Many believe 100% of their needs can be met online, preferring home delivery, but also showing interest in parcel shops and lockers. Delivery company knowledge is also important before finalizing an order.




Consumer expectations for delivery conditions prioritize maintaining the cold chain, followed by real-time parcel tracking.

Delivering fresh food and beverages is challenging due to their perishable and temperature-sensitive nature. Maintaining the cold chain, speed, and efficiency are crucial, and consumers expect temperature-controlled delivery by an expert carrier. Real-time tracking and sustainable delivery are also important to buyers.





Buyers of fresh food and beverages prefer delivery options that prioritize speed and precision, with the ability to track the delivery.

Fresh food and beverage e-buyers expect fast, precise, and advance-notified one-hour delivery windows. Same-day or next-day delivery, along with weekend options and fresh parcel lockers, are also highly desired. Adapting to these demands is crucial to meeting customer expectations.





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