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Innovation and new technologies are key in many areas of the logistics industry: algorithms for routing optimizations, alternative energies for delivery fleets, best-in-class customer care experience tools, devices to support and empower warehouses staff, etc.

All these initiatives are being developed by Geopost and its business units around the world to help improve both consumer experience and quality of service whilst creating a positive working environment through inventiveness.

At Geopost, we are driven by improving the way we do things. This pushes us forward to stretch the boundaries and fulfill our entrepreneurial spirit, which supports pragmatic and positive innovation. Together, and keeping sustainability as our primary goal, we aim at bringing day-changing improvements to our ecosystem, from our Employees and partners to our customers and consumers.”

Agnès Grangé, EVP, Director of Urban Logistics Development and Innovation
Agnès Grangé -Circle
Agnès Grangé -Circle


Exoskeletons – Testing a new device in our depots

Our people handle heavy loads, and exoskeletons ease this task operators carry However, digitalisation is transforming our industry, the art of moving things is still at the heart of our business. A significant daily weight to be shifted that is hard to sustain without infinite strength: sooner or later fatigue and strain kick in.
Enter the fully connected Cray X! The AI-powered robotic exoskeleton has been specifically designed to support workers in hubs and depots by reducing back strain, creating better and safer working conditions, and increasing productivity for all employees and partners who use it. The 2023 new generation model is slimmer, lighter and more comfortable to provide effective lifting and walking support for prolonged use.
Let’s share the weight – because health matters. 10 exoskeletons successfully tested in 2 countries: Germany and Switzerland in 2022.

  • The new 2023 generation pilot: start in July 2023 in the Netherlands
  • Extends employability and enhances working conditions
  • Reduces musculoskeletal disorders, and therefore 24% less sick leave
  • Increases productivity

DrivR – An app that gamifies the delivery experience for our drivers

Our drivers in the Netherlands are cheered on by a new app – towards enhanced KPIs.
Our award-winning gamification app, DrivR, bestows our drivers with rewards in recognition of each pick-up and delivery – enabling them to monitor their performance on a daily basis. The app also links gamification elements to the driver’s GPS and other data, such as scan policy. Ultimately, DrivR improves our drivers’ KPIs in an intelligent manner with its real-time platform for learning and developing.
In the words of our drivers: It’s fun.
This innovation was awarded by Parcel and Postal Technology International in 2021 (Last Mile Delivery Innovation category - DPD Netherlands)

  • Inspires intrinsic user motivation
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Improves overall performance and efficiency
  • 377 drivers in 5 depots


The multi-service locker, by Pickup

Pickup, Geopost’s French business unit, which has a strong out-of-home expertise with an extensive parcel shops and lockers network, is currently working on a multi-service locker.
This global solution offers a wide range of proximity services in a single infrastructure. It allows customers to pick up or return their e-commerce parcels, to connect with residents in their neighborhood (by exchanging parcels, keys, or other items), and also connect with local merchants.
This brand new locker also includes a refrigerated area, so that customers can have fresh food (meat, fish, vegetables, ready meals) delivered out-of-home, and pick it up then at their most convenient time and location.




My delivery, my way, myDPD

Our consumers have high expectations for managing and tracking their orders. The myDPD app is being rolled out throughout Europe and delivers the full digital journey. Offered as both a web and app solution, myDPD enables our users to take full control over the entire delivery process to suit their individual needs – all integrated into one digital platform. Additionally, business consumers find interfaces for integrating plug-ins and third-party solutions. Simple and transparent.
The future is online. So, are you – and the 30 million other consumers who are using myDPD.

  • Personalised features for individual customer preferences
  • Live Tracking and redirecting
  • Order creation, address, delivery, and return management
  • Service and feedback channel

Autonomous delivery – your parcel, driven by intelligence

First in Europe - Here to last
Autonomous driving is shaping the future of mobility. And we are pioneering this innovation for our industry. DPD UK is currently operating a delivery robot designed by Cartken to provide an autonomous and sustainable last-mile solution across the city of Milton Keynes. A second prototype is currently being developed, which will be able to deliver three parcels at a time instead of the current one.

Autonomous delivery robot
Autonomous delivery robot

What's in it?

  • Reduces CO2 emission and noise pollution
  • Keeps up with demands of rapidly growing e-commerce volume
  • Autonomous delivery supervised remotely by a teleoperator for safety

Where are we today?

  • Pilot in 2023: Milton Keynes, UK
  • First driverless autonomous delivery in Europe by DPD Estonia



Carbon Calculator: always more transparent and accurate when it comes to measuring and reduce CO2 emissions

For both brands and final consumers, sustainability and transparency have become major expectations throughout the value chain. In this context, shippers need to measure carbon emissions across their transport networks so they can reduce emissions where it matters most. In addition, they also need to provide reliable and transparent data to their consumers.
Geopost has developed, with the support of its Sustainability, Operations and IT teams, an industry-leading carbon quantification and reporting tool, the Carbon Calculator.
This tool provides a unique service to shippers looking to accurately track their carbon emissions, by using scan events to track each parcel as it moves through the Geopost network.



  • Consumers care about the impact of their purchases on their local communities and about their social and environmental responsibility.
  • 64% of regular e-shoppers are willing to go to a different website to find a more sustainable delivery option.
  • 100% of consumers expect brands and companies to act for a more sustainable delivery.
  • Geopost customers now receive emissions data specific to their shipments and real-time visibility on their scope 3 emissions.

Air quality – our sensors, your city

As part of our air quality monitoring programme, our fleet of low-emission vehicles with fitted sensors provide millions of air-quality readings to pilot cities, every day. For you and your city. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability are not merely buzzwords to us, but a genuine calling. We constantly think beyond delivery, beyond the box, about how we can make a positive impact on cities and their citizens. Assessing air-quality levels and providing real-time status to authorities, institutions and app integrators open up a wide range of possibilities to improve your environment.
Geopost air quality monitoring programme. Because we care. Because we can.

What’s in it?

  • Fine particles (PM2.5) measured in real time, every 12 seconds
  • Comprehensive data available to create low-emission zones
  • Public access to air quality monitoring website AirDiagTM