16. September 2021 | Press release

DPD Portugal reinforces its commitment to deliveries in lockers by entering the capital of PUDO, the largest chain of lockers in Portugal

This agreement is another step in the development of the company's out-of-home solutions to provide greater flexibility and sustainability in its deliveries.


DPD reached an agreement with PUDO in Portugal, the chain of lockers belonging to the Swiss group Kern AG, to enter its capital with 25%. With this alliance, DPD reinforces its commitment to continue developing solutions for online deliveries, namely by developing its network of points for out-of-home deliveries.

Lockers are an option that is becoming more and more relevant. According to the 2019 e-shopper Barometer, a study that the DPDgroup prepares each year, 10% of European shoppers choose lockers to receive their orders. Speed, comfort and privacy are some of its main attributes, but they also stand out as a more sustainable solution. In fact, each package delivered to a locker reduces the CO2 emissions associated with transport by 63%.

For Olivier Establet, CEO of DPD,

“We live in a time when consumers demand more and more delivery options that adapt to their lifestyle and our company must be prepared to offer solutions that meet their preferences. This alliance with PUDO reinforces our commitment to respond to the needs of our customers and to develop Out Of Home solutions whose objective is to offer more flexible and sustainable deliveries and returns for the final consumer”.


“Our partnership with DPD started in 2020, and it was very successful early on, with more than 1.1 million orders passing through our network in the space of 15 months”,

says Juan Lozano, CEO of PUDO.

DPD was the second branch of DPDgroup to adopt the Pickup network, which has existed in our country since 2010, and currently comprises 750 points, which include 700 convenience stores and 50 lockers, in which more than 1.1 million items have already been delivered. orders since launch. DPD expects to reach 250 lockers and double the number of Pickup stores, to 1,500 points, by 2022. The company's ambition is to install hundreds of lockers in the following years in our country.

According to Olivier Establet,

“The solution of lockers as alternative delivery points for e-commerce purchases is still at a very early stage of development in Portugal but has gained increasing and even exponential interest in recent months. PUDO was the first company to bet on this solution in Portugal and clearly have the largest national network, with several international and national brands as customers. With this commitment, DPD ensures access to the largest lockers network in Portugal and thus leads this innovative movement in our country. DPD Portugal customers who already use the Pickup store network will be able to immediately take advantage of PUDO's lockers network under the same commercial conditions that already exist for the delivery or collection of orders at a Pickup store."

PUDO is part of the Kern Group, a manufacturer of smart lockers and their software, with customers and equipment installed all over the world. In addition, it also developed the Pudo network as a service for the end user. Recently, it established an agreement with Cainiao (Aliexpress) to implement its locker network in Spain.


A group strategy

SEUR, also part of the DPD group, announced its participation in the locker company in Spain. An operation that demonstrates the commitment that DPDgroup assumes in this type of solution in all the countries in which it operates. Thus, the Pickup network is present in 28 countries and already reaches 58,000 points, of which 95% of the European population lives less than 15 minutes away.


About DPD Portugal

DPD Portugal, the leading company in the domestic express transport market, has 15 stations (Vila Real, Porto, Maia, Guarda, Viseu, Coimbra, Leiria, Torres Novas, Póvoa de Santa Iria, Lisbon, Corroios, Sintra, Évora, Faro and Funchal) and a fleet of more than 700 distribution vehicles. It employs 1,200 employees.

DPD combines innovative technology and local knowledge to provide a flexible, easy-to-use service for shippers and buyers. With its Predict service and a network of over 750 Pickup points, DPD sets a new standard for convenience, keeping customers in direct contact with their order.


About PUDO

PUDO, which stands for “Pick up, Drop off”, is a network of smart lockers that offers solutions for “last mile” deliveries, guaranteeing 100% of them on the first attempt.

PUDO International AG is part of the Kern AG Group, a Swiss multinational with more than 70 years of experience in the logistics sector.

PUDO was created in 2015 with headquarters in Spain and, from there, began to expand its business, in Spain and in other countries such as Portugal or Argentina. It is currently the private company with the most smart lockers installed in Spain and Portugal and accumulates a remarkable user experience.

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