9. March 2023 | Press release

Fundación SEUR has raised more than 1.300.000 euros to finance medical therapies for underprivileged children


  • "Tapones para una nueva vida" has benefited 193 children in Spain and Portugal since 2011 to finance medical and orthopedic treatments that improve their quality of life, through the recycling of more than 7,675 tons of caps.
  • Thanks to this project, the emission of more than 9,613 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere has been avoided, which is equivalent to 2,542 round-the-world flights.


Since its birth in 2004, Fundación SEUR's mission has been to help the most underprivileged groups through solidarity logistics. In 2011 it launched the initiative "Tapones para una nueva vida" ("Plugs for a new life"), with a special focus on children, and since then it has become its star project. The aim is to provide children without resources with medical treatment that is not covered by Social Security, as well as other materials or orthopedics that allow them to live with a better quality of life.

After 11 years since its beginning, this initiative has already raised more than 1,347,408 euros, which have been used to finance the therapies and orthopedics of 193 children throughout Spain and Portugal, through the recycling of more than 7,675 tons of caps, which in units translates into more than 3 billion caps, specifically 3,205,710,257 plastic caps collected.

In 2022 alone, this initiative has raised more than 45,000 euros through the collection of 307 tons of caps, which were used to treat 10 cases of children.

Through the promotion of recycling carried out by this program, the planet has been rewarded in a positive way. In this sense, the act of recycling has prevented the emission of more than 9,613 tons of CO2, which would be equivalent to 2,542 trips around the earth by plane or what 1,900,500 trees could absorb in a year.

"Tapones para una nueva vida" began with the case of Iker, a boy from Bilbao who went to Fundación SEUR to receive help with the transport of the plastic caps he was collecting and deliver them to a nearby recycling company. In this way, he was able to pay for the standing frame he needed to be able to stand upright.

Transparency is one of the characteristics of this project. Both Fundación SEUR and the recycling plant and partner of the project, ACTECO, carry out a monthly control of the tons of bottle caps received, and the recycling plant itself is in charge of transferring the amount collected to the beneficiary family, thus avoiding intermediaries in the procedure.

Ramón Mayo, Chairman of Fundación SEUR, points out that:

"Tapones para una nueva vida" represents the spirit for which we decided to create Fundación SEUR, since it brings together all our fundamental values: helping disadvantaged groups, especially children, and improving their quality of life in the communities in which we are present". He adds that "this initiative is already one of the most deeply-rooted in society, and has been recognized in different parts of the country, given the great importance which this help has for children and their families".


Solidarity, the basis for all of Fundación SEUR's initiatives

However, "Tapones para una nueva vida" is not the only initiative carried out by Fundación SEUR. Nine years ago, the solidarity and sustainable campaign "Share and Recycle" was launched, to transport toys to various NGOs and deliver them to children from families in need. During 2022, 12.47 tons of electronic toys were collected, saving 30 tons of CO2. Also noteworthy is the initiative shared with the Fundación Crecer Jugando, which is used to take toys to hospitals in Spain, and in which Fundación SEUR takes charge of their transport and storage.

Equally, other actions of the Foundation have served, for example, to alleviate the effects of the eruption of the volcano of La Palma in 2021, with a contribution of 5,000 Euros to projects of the Red Cross and Caritas, whose goal was to give stability to children and teenagers, as well as to re-house and give direct attention and support to the basic needs of the people affected.

Fundación SEUR also collaborates with those affected by the invasion of Ukraine. Through the Solidarity Logistics program, more than 50,000 kilos of humanitarian aid have already been transported. An internal donation of medicines and health material for the Ukrainian population has also been organized, with which it has been possible to collect some 1,536 kg, which were sent to the Ukrainian consulate in Barcelona so that they could transport them to the border with Poland.



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