14. August 2023 | Press release

Ninja Van now delivers for Tik Tok shop sellers in Vietnam and Thailand

Ninja Van, a tech-enabled express logistics company providing hassle-free delivery solutions across Southeast Asia (SEA), is now appointed as one of TikTok Shop's logistics partners in Vietnam and Thailand. Ninja Van and TikTok Shop’s partnership now covers five countries in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.


Through this partnership, some online purchases checked out on TikTok Shop in Vietnam and Thailand will now be picked up from sellers, sorted in hubs, and delivered respectively to shoppers by Ninja Van Vietnam and Ninja Van Thailand.

Ninja Van and TikTok Shop share the mission of helping local SMEs succeed in SEA. With TikTok Shop enabling brands and sellers to sell seamlessly within the TikTok platform and Ninja Van delivering shoppers’ purchases from pixels on screens to parcels on doorsteps, SMEs can now focus on perfecting their products for their customers.

“Rocket Internet’s 2011 entry to SEA sets the e-commerce wave in motion, accelerating our growth since the company’s establishment in 2014,”

said Alvin Teo, Chief Partnerships Officer, Ninja Van Group.

“Being there right from the start gives us a front-row seat to the e-commerce evolution in SEA. We’ve seen how SMEs adapted to the meandering flow of e-commerce, including the navigation of a pandemic and post-recovery from a pandemic, and we’ve always been by their side to take the hassle out of their parcels."

TikTok Shop is a suite of eCommerce solutions that enables merchants to sell directly through their TikTok account. Powered natively within the platform, merchant products are recommended to TikTok audiences through in-feed videos, livestreams, and a product
showcase tab prominently featured on their TikTok profile page.



About Ninja Van

Ninja Van is a tech-enabled express logistics company providing supply chain solutions for businesses of all sizes across Southeast Asia. Founded in 2014, Ninja Van started operations in Singapore as a last-mile logistics company. Since then, it has become one of the region’s fastest-growing tech logistics companies, powering businesses with innovative solutions that optimise e-commerce opportunities. Today, Ninja Van has grown its network to cover six countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. For more information, visit www.ninjavan.co.

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