11. May 2023 | Press release

SEUR Now takes another step forward in its sustainability strategy with funding from the MOVES Flotas program


  • SEUR Now will receive funding from the MOVES Flotas program, a project financed by the European Union - NextGeneration EU, as part of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, designed to work towards the decarbonization of the transport sector
  • SEUR has a sustainability strategy that includes measures such as delivery by 2025 with low-emission vehicles in 64 Spanish cities and will impact around 17 million inhabitants nationwide


SEUR Now, SEUR's super-urgent delivery solution, will be receive funding from the MOVES Flotas program, a project financed by the European Union - NextGeneration EU within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan,  designed to contribute to the decarbonization of the transport sector in Spain. In this way, the company reinforces its commitment to the planet, since being part of this initiative encourages the electrification of mobility through the promotion of specific projects for the electrification of light vehicle fleets throughout the country.

SEUR wanted to join this program for the transformation of mobility in Spain, mainly because it is aligned with the company's objective, which is to become the most sustainable international company in the sector. To this end, since 2013, SEUR has been developing a sustainability strategy that involves all areas and also includes effective measures to combat climate change. Among them, together with Geopost it should be noted the delivery with low-emission vehicles in 64 Spanish cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants by 2025. This measure will involve a reduction of around 85% of CO2 emissions in these cities and will have a direct impact on 17 million inhabitants throughout Spain.

"Participating in the MOVES Flotas project is one more step we are taking at SEUR towards neutralizing the emissions of our operations. The sustainability of the planet is as important as our business model and, therefore, we are committed to combining an innovative model based on excellence with being environmentally friendly. We participate in initiatives such as MOVES Flotas because we fully identify with what it promotes",

points out Itxaso Larrañaga, SEUR's Director of People and Sustainability.

In this sense, SEUR Now, as a beneficiary of Moves Flotas funds, will expand its fleet of vehicles and will also brand them with the program's logo. Another important action is a specific plan to improve the driving efficiency of the electric vehicle delivery fleet, in which nearly 200 SEUR Now drivers will participate. "This involves training in technical aspects, as well as in improving the driving of our electric vehicles, with the aim of reducing both pollution and energy consumption," emphasizes Marc Bayo, director of SEUR Now.


A sustainability strategy backed by SBTi and boosted by Out of Home solutions

SEUR currently has a 13% green fleet, a figure that will increase by 2030, as the company will incorporate 3,000 electric vehicles. In addition, SEUR has a large network of Out of Home solutions such as, for example, the Pickup network, which includes more than 4,000 points between convenience stores and lockers. In this way, the company also offers a sustainable solution for the environment, reducing by 63% the CO2 emissions associated with last-mile services.

Along these lines, Geopost has received the prestigious certification from the SBTi (Science Based Target initiative), for its decarbonization itinerary in its objective of achieving zero net emissions by 2040, a goal shared by SEUR in Spain. In this regard, and also in collaboration with Geopost, SEUR has deployed in Madrid an initiative through which it measures air quality with sensors installed in delivery vehicles, Pickup stores and urban hubs that, with Pollutrack laser technology, quantify in real time the quality of particles in the air.



About SEUR

Our 80 years of history have made us leaders in express delivery in Spain, with three main lines of business: international, e-commerce and food service focused on online groceries.

Thanks to our 10,000 professionals and our 6,500-vehicle fleet, we serve companies of all sizes and sectors, and as part of Geopost, one of the largest international express networks, we deliver all over the world.

We constantly invest in innovation and infrastructure to be closer to our customers and offer them greater flexibility through solutions such as Predict, an interactive system for arranging delivery, or SEUR Now, for super-urgent deliveries in one or two hours. We are committed to sustainable logistics with the integration of alternative delivery systems in large cities such as the use of ecological vehicles, urban hubs or our network of Pickup points with more than 4,000 convenience stores and lockers.

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