8. November 2023 | Press release

BRT launches digital labelling: shipping gets smart


  • The Digital Parcel Label, currently undergoing trials, will be fully operational in 2024
  • A service that C2C platforms will be able to offer to make things easier for its users
  • 70% of e-shoppers use C2C marketplaces to buy and sell
  • Paper printing will no longer be required for shipments and returns, simply a QR Code
  • In 2023, the value of online purchases will reach € 54.2 billion (+13%)


BRT has launched the Digital Parcel Label, a service that creates digital labels designed to offer consumers a smarter and simpler way to send their shipments.

The Digital Parcel Label will allow senders to entrust a shipment to a shop in the BRT-fermopoint network without the need to print a label. That will be done by the shop. 

In recent years, small and medium-sized enterprises have undergone a transformation due to the challenging social and economic situation, embracing a digital business model that increasingly requires appropriate, flexible solutions, including for buyers.

It is within this context that the new BRT solution has been developed: online sales platforms, as well as small and large e-shops, will be able to offer their customers an easier way of shipping. Indeed, individuals who have to ship or return a product will receive a digital label in the form of a QR Code. They simply show this code, without the need for a printout, in order to ship from one of the over 7,500 BRT fermopoints in Italy.

The Digital Parcel Label is particularly aimed at B2C businesses that offer a returns service and at C2C platforms.

Individuals who sell online are increasingly important in e-commerce. According to Geopost e-shopper Barometer 2022 (around 24,000 interviewed in 22 European countries), 70% of e-shoppers have used C2C platforms for buying, selling or both. A third of regular e-shoppers stated that they have made more purchases than in the past on C2C platforms.

The Digital Parcel Label is one of a range of e-commerce services supporting businesses, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises. Recently, the BRT “Plug & Ship” plugin was launched, created for companies that want to offer their products in large global marketplaces.

E-commerce represents a significant opportunity for businesses: the latest research from the Netcomm-Polytechnic University of Milan School of Management B2C eCommerce Study shows that in 2023, the value of online purchases in Italy will reach € 54.2 billion (+13% vs 2022).



About BRT

BRT, Italy’s leading express delivery operator, has a widespread presence across Italy: over 200 branches, 35 parcel hubs, 13 transport and distribution hubs, 10 logistics facilities and more than 7,500 BRT-fermopoint collection and delivery points.

In 2017, it became part of Geopost (formerly DPDgroup), a leading international parcel delivery business, providing customers and recipients with a flexible, tailored service through a combination of technology, innovation and knowledge of local markets. Today, BRT is the only Italian operator in the sector able to transport any type of product, of any weight and volume, to any part of Italy, Europe and beyond. From the smallest town to big cities, BRT offers a customised service across all major business segments.

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