24. April 2023 | Press release

DPD Latvia develops air quality monitoring programme in Riga

As a part of its brand sustainability strategy, international parcel delivery company DPD Latvia is introducing an air quality monitoring programme in Riga, providing real-time data on air pollution levels. DPD's air quality monitoring programme is a part of the brand's environmental sustainability strategy to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by ensuring emission-neutral parcel deliveries. With the support of Geopost, the same air quality monitoring programme has already been implemented in the capitals of Lithuania and Estonia, as well as in more than 20 European cities, where the measurement data collected allows effective planning and development of data-driven initiatives to improve urban air quality.


As a part of Geopost’s air quality monitoring programme, the latest generation of Pollutrack mobile air quality sensors are deployed on DPD Latvia electric delivery vehicles and DPD Pickup parcel machines in Riga to detect air quality levels and measure fine PM 2.5 particles, one of the most dangerous elements of air pollution for human health.

Jānis Grants, Chairman of the Board of DPD Latvia, points out that DPD Latvia, as a part of its environmental sustainability development programme, is purposefully implementing environmentally friendly solutions to ensure not only high quality, but also environmentally friendly parcel deliveries.

Air pollution is now considered the world's biggest environmental threat. As a parcel delivery company committed to environmental sustainability, DPD is developing an air quality monitoring programme to identify risk areas early and find solutions to improve air quality.  DPD Latvia, being a socially responsible company, is purposefully implementing environmental sustainability initiatives to minimise air pollution and its impact on the environment: the company has assembled the most environmentally friendly fleet of electric delivery vehicles in Latvia and is the first in the Baltics to ensure 100% CO2compensated deliveries. With the introduction of DPD's air quality monitoring programme in Riga, we are going one step further and enabling everyone to get real-time data and analytics on air quality in Riga to make data-driven decisions on measures to improve air quality in the city. This is important for us and for our customers, so that we all live in a cleaner and greener Latvia,"

explains J.Grants.


DPD's air quality monitoring measurement data is easily accessible at gaisakvalitate.dpd.lv; after entering an address, anyone will be allowed to view the real-time air quality level at a specific location and read the World Health Organization's explanation of the specific air pollution level and possible risks, as well as recommendations for further action. In agreement with DPD Latvia, the summary of data analytics and measurement reports on air quality in Riga will also be available to municipal authorities and organisations so that they can plan activities to reduce pollution in the most critical locations. The DPD air quality monitoring project has also just been presented to representatives of Riga City Council.


Head of the Housing and Environment Committee of the Riga City Council, Selīna Vancāne:

"Riga is becoming a healthier, more convenient and environmentally friendly city. Rapid and high-quality delivery of goods is a daily requirement today, but it also has a significant impact on the environment. Air pollution is a pressing urban problem and the data will help to measure, analyse and adapt actions already planned to reduce pollution. We appreciate DPD's initiative to become greener and friendlier, and we are open to new forms of cooperation that contribute to the well-being of locals and the environment!"

The air quality monitoring programme of the international parcel delivery company Geopost has already been successfully implemented in 28 European cities, where it is used by both city authorities to develop and implement projects to improve urban air quality, as well as by various organisations. In Lisbon, Portugal, for example, DPD's air quality monitoring data allowed the city to identify specific locations in the urban environment and develop projects to improve air quality, which had a positive impact on the health of the city's residents. In Dublin, Ireland, DPD air quality monitoring data is used by the Asthma Association of Ireland, which uses the monitoring data to provide real-time information on air pollution in specific locations, which is very important for asthma patients. 

With environmental sustainability in mind, DPD Latvia's core business includes an Environmental Sustainability Development Strategy, which includes a range of activities and public initiatives to promote environmental sustainability. Over the past few years, DPD Latvia has significantly expanded the number of electric vehicles, creating the largest and "greenest" parcel delivery fleet of electric vehicles in Latvia with its own car charging infrastructure. DPD Latvia is a part of the international parcel delivery network Geopost with targeted environmental sustainability strategy initiatives in all countries represented, ensuring more environmentally friendly parcel deliveries both within and across national borders. 



About DPD Latvia

DPD Latvia is a market leader in parcel delivery with more than 25 years of experience. The company has operated in Latvia since 1998. DPD Latvia delivers parcels within the territory of Latvia and handles international shipments. DPD Latvia is a part of Geopost, a company registered in France and present in 49 countries worldwide. Geopost generate 15,6 billion euros revenue in 2022. Geopost is a holding company owned by Le Groupe La Poste.

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