11. August 2023 | Press release

DPD Lithuania has launched DPD fresh service

The logistics service "DPD Fresh" that enables the "from farm to fork" trading model is launching: it will deliver fresh food products to buyers throughout Lithuania directly from farms, manufacturers, and importers.


The parcel delivery leaders "DPD Lithuania" are the first in the market to introduce the long-awaited fresh produce delivery service "DPD Fresh" for farmers, product importers, and other food manufacturers. From now on, local producers and merchants will be able to focus more on business development, while couriers will ensure the smooth delivery of food products to buyers throughout Lithuania. Using the "DPD Fresh" service, businessmen will be able to send meat, various fresh milk, fish products and goods, fresh vegetables, and fruits.

Throughout the logistics chain, DPD Lithuania has implemented dedicated processes, temperature-controlling infrastructure elements, which will ensure the proper delivery of food products. From the very first days, well-known local brands such as "Mėsos broliai", "Naturalia ūkis", "Mažoji Italija", "Agaras", "Rimutės šimtalapis", "Bluefish Retail Group" and other food manufacturers, importers and farmers began using the new service.

"Manufacturers often faced major challenges in delivering their products to their buyers and, limiting their business development opportunities, either abandoned such an idea altogether or limited their activities to restricted areas. Our new service allows farmers and manufacturers to plan business expansion and offers a convenient solution to the fresh product logistics problem,"

says Robertas Vilkaitis, the General Manager of DPD Lithuania

The service will ensure faster business development Although Lithuania is renowned for its high-quality fresh produce, often only a very limited circle of buyers know about the food products grown or produced by farmers. For instance, many small-scale farmers still sell their products from home, rent sales vans, or transport the products to the market or shops themselves.

"Statistical data shows that the online food trade market is growing rapidly every year. Just last year, more than a third of consumers shopping in this way also purchased food products, so by introducing the new "DPD Fresh" service, we encourage manufacturers to switch to more convenient e-commerce for both them and the buyers,"

notes R. Vilkaitis

Fast and quality delivery From now on, with "DPD Fresh", farmers and businessmen will be able to send food product shipments similarly to how regular shipments are delivered.

Throughout the delivery process, the delivery will be carried out in vehicles equipped with special temperature maintenance equipment from 0°C to +4°C. Each "DPD Lithuania" cooling room and transport vehicle has special temperature sensors, which record and notify of any changes in the temperature of the food shipment.


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Tomas Vaisvila