7. April 2023 | Press release

DPD Poland and Żabka to establish the most accessible courier service network in Poland

Żabka network of grocery stores is expanding its offer of ‘Convenience Services’ and entered into co-operation with DPD Poland. This will enable the customers to send, receive and return shipments sent via DPD in all Żabka outlets (over 9,100). The service will be implemented by the technology partner Pointpack S.A. According to Żabka analyses, over 5 million Poles would be interested in collecting or sending their parcels in its network stores. Thanks to expansion of the existing group of courier companies cooperating with Żabka, the network will be able to significantly increase the availability and range of this service and the number of processed shipments. Customers who value their time will appreciate the convenience, flexibility and quick collection or drop-off process - available from 6.00 a.m. and 11.00 p.m. - during their everyday shopping,


‘The popularity of collection or dispatch services is constantly growing. Year to year, we record a several dozen percent increase in the number of processed parcels.  We believe that co-operation with DPD Polska, one of the largest courier networks in the country, will further improve these results.  Thanks to this solution, we can better respond to requirements of our customers, who will be able to conveniently collect or send their parcels on their way home or to work.  We are working together on the development of the service. We want it to be even faster, more convenient and widely available to our customers’

said Przemysław Tomaszewski, Sales and Service Development Director, Żabka Polska.

This service is not available in autonomous stores Żabka Nano.


Convenient collection of DPD parcels in all Żabka stores

From 3rd April 2023 it is be possible to conveniently send or collect parcels via DPD, in all outlets across the Żabka network, in co-operation with DPD Poland. Therefore, the use of domestic and international DPD services will be even simpler.

We are pleased to welcome Żabka to the international DPD Pickup network, which is becoming the most accessible network for dispatch and collection of parcels, with a total of 22,000 outlets in Poland and over 80,000 outlets throughout Europe. Our intention is to provide our customers with access to the most convenient DPD services in the nearest location and to ensure unique flexibility in terms of dispatch and collection. We constantly listen to our customers’ needs and therefore we improve and create new solutions both in physical and technological infrastructure, with a strong focus on responsibility towards the environment’

said Maciej Głowacki, Operational Director of DPD Poland.


Technical support services

The new service will be launched and new Żabka network courier will be implemented by Pointpack S.A., the technology and operations partner of retail and courier networks.

‘The Pointpack platform has already processed over 50 million shipments. We are constantly developing technologies and services to support sender/recipient processes for courier companies and retail networks. IT security and the quality of our activities are supported by a team of over 100 experts. Many years of experience as well as Pointpack specialisation allows our business partners to better use their own resources and competences to improve customer experience and reach out to more people.  We are pleased that thanks to many years of effective cooperation with partners such as Żabka and DPD, we can support convenient processing of customer shipments in their favourite local shop –

says Jacek Dąbrowski, Project and Development Manager for courier services.


Żabka is constantly developing the service

‘Courier shipments’ are the most recognizable service in the ‘Convenience Services’ package available in Żabka – recognised and associated by over 75% of customers.  Undoubtedly, this is related to the scale of the network operations – the service is available in over 9,100 stores throughout the country, in very good locations and convenient hours – and to active cooperation conducted with the largest courier operators and online stores.

At the same time, Żabka is constantly working on the development of this service to make it even faster and more convenient for customers.  For example, thanks to the Żappka Post functionality, users of the Żappka mobile application also have an option of tracking ordered shipments and safe, contactless collection in the nearest Żabka store.  



About Zabka Polska

Żabka Polska Sp. z o.o.  owns the fastest growing convenience store network in Poland and one of the most dynamic formats in the world, having opened more than 4,000 new stores in 2016-21. About 15.5 million consumers live no further than 500 m away from the nearest Żabka store. As part of its responsibility strategy, the company has committed to good nutrition, sustainable living facilitating services, development of entrepreneurship, diversity and inclusive organizational culture, corporate governance, decarbonization and circularity. More information about Żabka Polska at: www.zabka.pl. Information about the Żabka Group can be found at: www.zabkagroup.com. Link to the 2021 Responsibility Report: https://zabkagroup.com/pl/nasza-odpowiedzialnosc/


About DPD Poland

DPD Poland [dpd.com.pl] is a part of Geopost, a European leader in parcel delivery and e-commerce solutions. The company provides the highest quality services to senders and recipients and strives for environmental neutrality of their three types of deliveries: by a courier, at a pick-up point and at a parcel locker. DPD Poland is successively expanding its network of 22,000 Pickup points and co-operates with about 9,000 couriers. In 2022, the low- and zero-emission fleet consisted of 300 vehicles. In 2022, DPD Poland was awarded the Poland’s Best Employers recognition by Forbes monthly.


About Pointpack SA

Pointpack SA offers IT solutions and maintenance services for the trade and courier industry, concerning infrastructure of the first and last mile urban logistics. It provides courier companies with the necessary economies of scale, i.e., access to many dispatch/collection points through integration with numerous retail chains using tills, cash registers and payment terminals. The company also integrates manufacturers of dispatch/collection devices and is developing a network of shared courier parcel lockers. Since 2018  on the NewConnect market. www.pointpack.com


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