17. April 2023 | Press release

SEUR frío service grows by 23% in 2022 and the company is the first in Spain to achieve ISO 23412 certification


  • SEUR frío becomes one of the company's strategic axes after its exponential post-pandemic growth
  • SEUR is the first company in Spain to obtain AENOR's ISO 23412 certificate for temperature-controlled transport


SEUR, the leading express delivery company in Spain, has registered a 23% growth in 2022 compared to 2021 in SEUR frío, the company's temperature-controlled shipping solution. This increase strengthens SEUR frío as one of SEUR's strategic pillars. It has also turned into one of the most demanded services by customers, especially since the beginning of the pandemic.


SEUR frío, a solid and growing solution

SEUR's temperature-controlled transport service has experienced significant growth in recent years, with an expanding customer base and an increasing demand. Compared to 2021 figures, SEUR frío has increased its volume of refrigerated shipments to 6,000 per day by 2022, compared to 3,000 per day before the pandemic.

This growth is also shown in the number of specialized vehicles prepared to provide this service. Currently, the company's fleet of refrigerated vehicles exceeds 400, of which more than 100 are dedicated to long-distance transport and 300 to capillary delivery.

In this sense, the goods distributed by SEUR frío are focused on fresh food, specifically meat products, which account for 20% of the shipments, accompanied by fish and seafood, ready meals, cheese, dairy products, pasteurized beverages and processed products.

SEUR continues to invest in SEUR frío to develop the full potential of this solution. For that reason, the company has invested more than one million euros in implementing an innovative system based on the Internet of Things (IoT) that guarantees temperature traceability from the moment of collection to delivery. More than 2,000 temperature measurement devices with NB-IoT technology have been installed in all refrigerated goods loading units, including in delivery vehicles, more than 500 ATP-certified containers and around one hundred cold chambers belonging to the SEUR network

"SEUR frío is one of the company's flagships and is a leader in its segment. For us, innovation is part of our DNA, which is why we invest in solutions that are increasingly flexible, fast and convenient for customers. In fact, our temperature-controlled shipping service is the only one available since 2017 for exports, specifically to France. Our priority will be to continue to grow in this regard, driven by new online shopping habits,"

says Santiago Hernández, National Sales Manager at SEUR.


SEUR frío, the first temperature-controlled shipping solution to achieve ISO 23412 certification.

At the beginning of 2023, SEUR frío received the prestigious ISO 23412 certification from AENOR. This certification recognizes the company's excellence in the management of temperature-controlled transport of packages containing temperature-sensitive products, such as fresh food, making the company the first in Spain to achieve this title.

ISO 23412 accredits organizations that carry out refrigerated deliveries of packages containing temperature-sensitive products, which is recognition of the company's management excellence and continuous improvement efforts in this line of service. With its recent certification and solid track record, SEUR frío is ready to maintain its position as the benchmark temperature-controlled transport solution in Spain.



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