30. August 2021 | Press release

DPD Fresh has teamed up with Seazon in Belgium

DPD Fresh, the new express delivery service (within 24 hours) for dry, fresh and frozen products, has signed an agreement with Seazon, a supplier of ready meals. This new service fits perfectly with the concept of teleworking. Due to Coronavirus measures, many employees have been working from home for some time. With so many meetings taking place online, there is often little time and energy left for shopping and preparing a healthy meal. Nevertheless, a regular and balanced diet, in addition to sufficient physical activity, is essential to stay fit and healthy.


"This collaboration is also based on our motto 'Optimal freshness from door to door',"

explains Koen Verlaenen, General Manager of DPD fresh Belux.

"And this time it means freshly prepared meals that we now want to deliver to many teleworkers, who are stuck at home in front of their PC or laptop. After a full day of online meetings, they don't have the time or inclination to cook much."


"A healthy diet is, like sufficient exercise, crucial to getting through the working week in good health and shape,"

says Hilde Vandenkieboom, prevention expert at IDEWE, the largest external service for occupational health and safety.

"Those who eat healthily have a better mood and more energy, are sick less often and are at less risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Opting for healthy food always pays off."


2.5 minutes to serve a healthy organic meal on the table

A tasty, balanced meal, cooked with fresh ingredients, can be prepared in just 2.5 minutes. Seazon has already managed to attract more than 40,000 customers in France in a very short time.

"We want to help people with limited time to eat better and healthier without having to think twice. Thanks to a flexible, no-obligation package, they receive the meals ordered for the week at home or at the office in a single delivery",

explains Estelle Schuster from Seazon.

By offering an alternative to industrially prepared frozen meals, Seazon is paving the way for convenient, healthy and balanced eating that also saves customers time.

At seazon.be, customers can choose from four to fourteen dishes per week, starting at €6.78 per dish. They select recipes based on meat, fish, vegetarian or 100% plant-based. The offer is renewed every week. Anyone who enters their food preferences on the site will automatically receive recommendations. The Seazon chefs cook with fresh, seasonal ingredients, without additives or preservatives. The dishes are packed in a protective atmosphere and can be stored in the refrigerator for 5 to 7 days.


Maximum freshness

DPD fresh, which was launched in autumn 2020 and has since been rolled out nationwide, is responsible for all Seazon deliveries in Belgium. DPD fresh has all the necessary infrastructure to deliver the meals to the customer under perfect conditions. The depot is equipped with refrigeration and freezing rooms that are monitored 24 hours a day. For collection and delivery, DPD Fresh works with mobile containers, insulated boxes and refrigerated lorries in order to guarantee the preservation of the cold chain, hygiene and food safety at all times. Recipients of DPD fresh deliveries can use the myDPD application, just like recipients of normal DPD parcels, which notifies the delivery within a specific one-hour window. The application allows them to track their shipment live and to change the address and/or delivery date up to 30 minutes before delivery.


5 tips from IDEWE for people working from home

  1. Alternate and vary positions sufficiently. For example, do not sit for more than 30 minutes and exercise for at least 30 minutes a day.

  2. Include healthy snacks on your shopping list. Think cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, nuts, plain yoghurt or fruit. Two pieces of fruit a day and an extra portion of vegetables as a snack or at lunch are ideal for a healthy diet.

  3. Healthy food should be easily accessible: store healthy products at the front and top of the fridge or a bowl of ready-to-eat fruit in a visible and easily accessible place. Always keep a bottle of water (flavoured or not) on hand.

  4. Eat regularly and at set times. This way you reduce the need to snack between meals. Do not eat in front of your computer, but take time for a lunch break. By concentrating on your meal, you unconsciously avoid overeating.

  5. Eat a varied diet and alternate regularly with meat, fish and vegetables. If you prepare a menu for the whole week in advance, healthy eating will never be boring. Try new things. Use the time you normally spend travelling to and from work to look for tasty and healthy recipes.


About Seazon

Seazon was launched in France in 2018, with one the single aim to simplify customers' lives by giving them easy access to healthy and sustainable food. Seazon offers the first subscription to freshly prepared meals by chefs and delivered weekly to your home. Seazon offers various packages from €6.78 per dish, including flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan dishes. The recipes are made with seasonal, locally produced, fully traceable ingredients (organic cereals, farm eggs, etc.). Seazon is the first restaurant operator to include the Eco-Score, the new environmental indicator, on all dishes since 2021. Since its inception, Seazon has delivered more than one million meals throughout France.


About DPD Fresh

DPD Fresh in Belgium is part of DPDgroup, the largest international parcel delivery network in Europe. DPD Fresh is a new express transport service for the delivery of dry goods as well as fresh and frozen products to business and private customers. By combining innovative techniques and local knowledge, DPD offers the best possible service to senders and recipients. With its market-leading Predict service, DPD customers can track or change their deliveries. At DPDgroup, which delivers to more than 230 countries, 97,000 delivery experts work together to deliver more than 7.5 million parcels every day. DPDgroup is part of GeoPost, which had a turnover of €11 billion in 2020. GeoPost is part of Le Groupe La Poste. For more information: www.dpd.be.

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