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Pickup as the favorite network of French shopkeepers

In order to deal with the growth in e-commerce, Pickup, a subsidiary of Groupe La Poste and the leading pick-up and locker network in France, has greatly developed its reach over the last few years, and today there are over 16,000 retail points in the network. In order to improve network satisfaction and to understand its position in a competitive market, Pickup called upon Ipsos. The research institute surveyed almost 1,000 retail pick-up points* throughout France about their relationship with their pick-up network. After almost 2 weeks of telephone surveys, the results speak for themselves: Pickup is the favourite pick-up network for French retail locations.


Pickup widely popular

To compare how satisfied the French parcel shops are with the main network operators on the market, Ipsos first looked at general performance indicators such as: recommendations, how well their experience with current networks matches their initial expectations, and their sense of attachment.

The first part of the analysis revealed that Pickup is the market operator most recommended by the pick-up points.  With an NPS[1] of 48, Groupe La Poste’s pick-up network stood head and shoulders above its rivals, by at least 20 points. A high score that echoes Pickup network satisfaction: 91% of retailers feel that the Pickup experience meets or exceeds their expectations. It should also be noted that ¾ of the Pickup network is fond or very fond of Pickup.           


Detailed results of key themes: General assistance, Customer Service and Pick-up Application

Ipsos also studied the different aspects of the relationship between the surveyed retailers and their pick-up network. At the end of this 2nd round of analyses, Pickup was the clear leader in several areas assessed: the network is no.1 in terms of general support provided, no.1 for customer service, and no.1 for the PDA application.


Pickup, no.1 for general support

Pickup posted a satisfaction score of 88% for general network support. This is a decidedly higher score than what the other operators achieved in the area, demonstrating a genuine strength of the La Poste pick-up network. The result incorporates several aspects of the assistance that Pickup provides its retail partners:

  • The speed with which problems are solved by the pickup network (88% satisfied)

  • The quality of the information sent out in the training modules provided (90%)

  • The tools available to help perform the service (86%)

 Everything is designed to help the retail partners provide their parcel service
 as well as possible. Pickup is particularly careful not to overload its network points, so that their regular business is never affected.


No.1 for customer service 

93% of the Pickup network points are satisfied or very satisfied with Pickup customer service. Customer service truly sets Pickup apart, as shown by the significant lead it holds over its competitors for all customer service aspects that were studied:

  • Courteous and receptive advisors (98%)

  • Advisor availability and speed of response (93%)

  • The ability to solve problems and the quality of the information provided (94%)

Such high scores testify to both the strong commitment and the availability of the Pickup teams when dealing with the retail network.


No.1 for the Pickup Network application[2]        

In terms of tools, 83% of the pick-up points surveyed are satisfied with the Pickup PDA application. This is a reflection of the simplicity of customer parcel drop-offs (95%) and pick-ups (92%), as well as how easy it is to use and navigate through the device (90%). In general, satisfaction with the Pickup PDA and application is far higher than with the competition’s equivalents.

At Pickup, we place great emphasis on our relationships with our retail network. The positive results of this survey are an acknowledgement of the work we do every day and of the actions we undertake for them, which we have been doing for over 20 years now. We will, of course, be continuing to make every effort in the same direction, and will continue to work alongside them to help them develop their business and to make the way they handle parcels every day easier for them.”

Maxime d’Hauteville, Pickup Chairman

Even though we are in the middle of Peak Period – the annual sales high point for e-commerce - the quality of the support the network provides the pick-up points is making more of a difference than ever.  To absorb the delivery boom under the best conditions, and to continue to ensure the pick-up points and customers have the best possible experience, the Pickup network has reinforced its support for the period. The number of Customer service staff has been increased by 30% and Pickup hotline hours extended, so now from 8 am to 8 pm (instead of 9 am to 7 pm) from Monday to Friday, and 8 am to 5 pm on Saturday (instead of 9 am to 5 pm outside of Peak Period), so the retail network can have the best possible assistance during the peak business months, and to prevent overloads.



* Methodology:

Quantitative satisfaction telephone survey, conducted by Ipsos France from April 21st to May 2nd, 2022, of 961 people from a representative sample of French retailers affiliated with pick-up point network, using the quota method.

On a scale of 0 to 10, how would you describe [NETWORK] as a pick-up point network to other retailers? How do you feel your current experience with [NETWORK] corresponds to the expectations you had when you began your relationship with the network? On a scale of 0 to 10, how satisfied are you with the flow of customers brought in by the [NETWORK] parcel business? In general, on a scale of 0 to 10, how would you rate [NETWORK] customer service? In general, how would you rate the support provided by [NETWORK], on a scale of 0 to 10? In general, on a scale of 0 to 10, how would you rate the PDA you were provided? How attached to the [NETWORK] network do you feel, on a scale of 0 to 10?” 



About Pickup

Pickup is a subsidiary of Groupe La Poste via its GeoPost/DPDgroup subsidiary, and operates France’s leading parcel pick-up network, with 16,000 pick-up points and 1,000 lockers. The Pickup points receive daily deliveries from the carriers Colissimo, Chronopost and DPD France. Pickup point delivery is available from over 90,000 e-retailers, including: Vinted, Veepee, Showroomprivé, Sarenza, CDiscount, Zalando, Amazon, Orange, Nespresso, i.run, Sephora, Mango, Decathlon, and more. Pickup has also developed a wide range of solutions to meet the challenges of urban logistics, including in partnership with the retail and mass distribution sectors. The Pickup network also maintains a presence abroad, with 70,000 points in 31 countries around the world, through the various entities of DPDgroup, Groupe La Poste's international parcel delivery network, the largest such network in Europe. Pickup's head office is based in the Paris region and the company employs 350 people.

More information on the Pickup Internet site



[1] NPS: The Net Promoter Score is an indicator of customer satisfaction and loyalty. More specifically, it reflects the tendency or likelihood that customers or users will recommend a product, brand, or service.

[2] PDA (Personal Digital Assistant): in other words, the device used by retailers to track and scan parcels.


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