2. May 2024 | Press release

Biocair and Aramex collaborate to revolutionise life science logistics in Ireland

Biocair, a life sciences logistics specialist, and Aramex, a global logistics leader, are joining forces to provide unparalleled solutions to the challenges faced by the life science sector in Ireland.


In an exclusive interview with Andrew Moss, Customer Solutions Manager at Biocair, Darragh Scannell, Life Science Logistics Supervisor for Aramex Ireland in partnership with Biocair and Peter Canning, Air Freight Manager for Aramex Ireland, the benefits and innovative strategies of the new collaboration were unveiled.

The power of partnership:

The partnership between Biocair and Aramex represents a significant advancement for life science companies in Ireland. By leveraging Aramex's extensive logistics capabilities and Biocair's specialised expertise, customers now have access to tailored end-to-end solutions that meet their unique needs.

Peter Canning highlighted the expansion of logistics solutions resulting from the partnership, he said: 

"by combining Biocair's expertise with our own, we’re able to create tailored solutions for customers.” 

Darragh Scannell shared the success of the collaboration, citing positive customer feedback as evidence of its effectiveness.

"From the moment we first engaged with Biocair and Aramex Ireland it was evident that they prioritise customer satisfaction. Their team of professionals demonstrated exceptional knowledge and expertise in handling the unique logistics challenges of the pharmaceutical industry. They understood the criticality of time-sensitive shipments and the importance of maintaining product integrity throughout the supply chain.”

- Supply  Chain Lead, Dublin Global CDMO

Navigating Brexit challenges:

Addressing the complexities arising from Ireland's split across the UK and EU post-Brexit, Peter Canning highlighted the partnership's proactive approach in leveraging expertise to navigate customs procedures efficiently. Bonded facilities in strategic locations further mitigate potential delays, ensuring uninterrupted logistics operations.

Overcoming export challenges:

Contrary to concerns, Biocair and Aramex provided reassurance that there are no capacity issues for air and road freight exports from Ireland.

 “For air freight, especially in the life science sector, there is sufficient capacity available, particularly for shipments under 100 kilos. Overall, we don’t see any export challenges related to capacity in Ireland.”

said, Peter Canning. 

Expertise in pharmaceutical logistics:

When transporting pharmaceutical goods on a global scale, the collaboration ensures meticulous attention to regulatory compliance and documentation accuracy.

“The complexity of the products we ship means we must know each local customs clearance process in detail. This is something Biocair have worked for years to ensure is the case.”

said, Andrew Moss.

A new standard in life science logistics:

In summary, the collaboration between Biocair and Aramex Ireland signifies a shift in life science logistics, offering tailored solutions, expertise and unmatched service quality. With a shared commitment to excellence, the partnership sets a new standard for the industry, ensuring that pharmaceutical goods reach patients promptly and safely, potentially saving lives.

To find out more about the partnership, visit www.biocair.com/en/news/aramex.


About Aramex

Since its foundation in 1982, Aramex has grown to become a global leader in the logistics and transportation industry, recognised for its customised and innovative services for businesses and consumers. Listed on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) and headquartered in the UAE, Aramex’s location bridges the path between East and West, enabling its reach to more customers with the provision of effective logistics solutions worldwide.

Aramex currently has business operations in 600+ cities across more than 60 countries worldwide and employs over 16,000 professionals. Aramex Ireland employs over 170 people across 3 depots in Dublin, Cork and Shannon.

For further information on Aramex Ireland, please visit www.aramexireland.ie

About Biocair

Since 1986, Biocair has established a global reputation as a leading GDP logistics specialist within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life sciences sectors. Biocair has built up a unique, client-centric approach by employing scientists in front-line logistics positions and assembling a team of best-in-class industry experts in quality, cold chain and regulatory compliance. Biocair focuses on providing the most comprehensive time-sensitive and temperature-controlled logistics services available whilst delivering flexible, tailored, cost-effective solutions to all its clients. It is committed to delivering complete end-to-end logistics solutions through its 24/7 operation and global network spanning across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Biocair employs over 550 people worldwide and provides specialist logistics services to more than 160 countries through a global network of partners. Biocair’s offices are located in the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, USA, South Africa, China, Singapore and India.

In 2012 Biocair was acquired as an autonomous division by Geopost. Geopost is the largest parcel delivery network in Europe, which posted sales of €15.69 billion in 2023. Geopost is a holding company owned by Groupe La Poste.

For further information on Biocair, please visit www.biocair.com.

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