26. April 2024 | Press release

DPD Estonia expands its network of parcel lockers in the Baltics to 1,100 lockers


Logistics company DPD will install 40 new parcel lockers in Estonia this year. In Latvia, 49 new parcel machines will be added and in Lithuania 75. This will bring DPD's network of parcel lockers in the Baltic States to more than 1100. The investment amounts to nearly €4 million.

„DPD already has the second largest network of parcel lockers in Estonia, and with the new additions we are moving even closer to the people. DPD parcel lockers are today located within 2 kilometres of 81% of people in Estonia, which means that for a large part of the population a DPD parcel lockers l is a short walk away. With the expansion of the network of parcel lockers, this percentage will increase further. The constantly renewing and expanding network across the Baltic States and Europe brings both domestic and international parcel services to every corner of Estonia,,

says Remo Kirss, CEO of DPD Estonia.

The year-on-year growth in e-commerce volumes and the development of a service that meets consumers' expectations and lifestyles play an important role in the addition of parcel lockers and the continuous expansion of the network.

"Out-of-home parcel delivery solutions, tailored to the needs of the local market and involving parcel pick-up and delivery at a convenient location for the consumer, are becoming increasingly popular across Europe,"

said Kirss.

According to the latest e-barometer survey commissioned by DPD, as many as 83% of people in Estonia prefer to use a parcel lockers to pick up and send their parcel. In a comparison of European countries, Estonia is followed by Lithuania, Latvia and Poland in terms of the popularity of parcel lockers. The same survey showed that e-shoppers use on average up to two different delivery methods to pick up their purchases. Therefore, it is important to have a choice of delivery options, whether it is delivery to a parcel lockers or to a home address.

Parcels can be sent from a lockers anywhere in Europe

In Latvia and Lithuania, the preferred method of delivery is also via parcel lockers.

"With many Estonian e-shops selling or about to start selling across the Baltics, there is a strong demand for a coherent and well-functioning network. DPD's network can also send parcels across the Baltics, as well as across Europe. Already today, DPD's dense network includes more than 100,000 parcel points and lockers across Europe, which companies can use to their advantage to expand their e-business and enter new markets," explains Kirss.

With its network of parcel lockers in Estonia, DPD is the second largest provider of parcel delivery and collection services across Europe.


About DPD Estonia

DPD Estonia is a leading provider of parcel services and e-commerce solutions in Estonia and Europe, serving both private and business customers in Estonia with nearly 265 courier vehicles (50 of which are full electric vans and 2 CNG vehicles). DPD employs more than 560 people. There are currently 300 DPD parcel lockers in Estonia. DPD's owner Geopost is the first global parcel delivery company to have its short and long-term CO2 reduction targets approved by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi).

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