29. January 2024 | Press release

DPD Poland, a fleet of more than 500 electric vehicles

From the production line to branches and into the hands of couriers - DPD Poland is steadily expanding its operational capabilities based on more sustainable technology. The low-emission car fleet has exceeded 500 vehicles, which includes models such as the eSprinter, eVito Furgon and MAN eTGE. The company additionally has a fleet of more than 80 electric cargo bikes. By investing in alternative modes of transport and the infrastructure to support it, DPD Poland is moving towards an ambitious environmental target – net zero by 2040.


Sustainable partnership

The project to expand DPD's low-emission car fleet from 2021 is being carried out with CFM market specialists Carefleet S.A.. The contract covers the supply of 2 modern Mercedes-Benz car models: an eSprinter and an eVito van. The vehicles are powered by the same 85kWh electric motor and the battery charge lasts between 6 and 8 hours. In urban conditions, the cars are capable of driving approximately 170-180 km on a single cycle.


EV Cars in the service of customers

At the end of 2023, the 500th unit ordered was delivered into the hands of DPD Poland and joined the fleet of the WA1 Branch in Warsaw. The handover ceremony was held with the participation of the branch's employees and colleagues. They add that not only couriers, but also customers will be happy with the new cars.

"More and more customers are paying attention to how their parcel is delivered - sustainable solutions add value for customers. They often chat and ask curiously about our electric cars or cargo bikes. For us couriers, the change is also noticeable. Driving an electric car requires a slightly different driving technique in order to use the battery energy efficiently. Charging it requires different planning and organisation. This does not change the fact that it is a solution that makes city logistics more sustainable." -

concludes Dominik, a courier from WA1.


Towards net zero by 2040

The expansion of the electric courier vehicle fleet is not a need of the moment, but a carefully planned strategy. In its net zero trajectory announced in 2023, Geopost, and by extension DPD Poland, adopted the net zero target by 2040. This assumes that its parcel delivery activities will be net zero by 2040.

"The development of our electric vehicle fleet is one of the most important elements of our ongoing sustainability strategy. Since 2021, our fleet of electric cars has covered more than 6.5 million kilometres, thus delivering more than 17 million parcels. These are complemented by a fleet of low-emission cargo bikes, which has been in operation since May 2022 as an efficient component of DPD's urban logistics platform. In fact, we were recently able to celebrate the delivery of the millionth parcel using this mode of transport. In addition, by steadily increasing the availability of DPD Pickup points (currently more than 26,000 points), we are able to provide customers with the convenience and flexibility of sending and receiving based on solutions that have been developed with our environmental ambitions in mind." -

comments Maciej Głowacki, Operations Director at DPD Poland.

Marek Weremijewicz, Regional Director at DPD Poland, notes other benefits for cities and their residents:

"The development of the electric vehicle fleet is a response to the needs of local urban communities and the conditions in cities. Such cars are particularly well suited to high-traffic environments and congested areas, as it is when braking that they are able to recover the most energy through recuperation. Electric cars are also much quieter, which has a positive effect on the overall noise level in the city. It is also worth mentioning that, together with cargo bikes and city branches, they provide a complete solution for the implementation of a sustainable city logistics strategy."

Partnership for the environment

Carefleet S.A. similarly defines its objectives for the future and perceives the importance of electromobility. This is why the cooperation between the two parties is harmonious, as Daniel Trzaskowski, CEO of Carefleet S.A., emphasised in an interview with DPD Poland:

"I am proud of the conclusion and, above all, the manner and speed of implementation of this agreement. I was sure that everything would work out, because Carefleet and DPD Poland are looking in the same direction - towards the future. We do not need to be convinced about electromobility or net zero commitment. In line with the strategy of our entire European Credit Aqricole Group, of which we are a part, we support environmentally friendly measures. We encourage all our customers, irrespective of the size of their company or the scale of their business, to electrify their fleet, at least partially. In the urban conditions in which couriers usually operate, this is not only an action "for the planet", but also a considerable saving. That is why I am so pleased with the delivery of more than 500 e-cars completed for DPD Poland."

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