4. Octobre 2022 | Nouveautés

2022 Pan-European campaign – My delivery, my way, myDPD

DPDgroup’s 2022 Pan-European campaign is being launched in 18 countries, until the end of the year.

The campaign’s objective is to promote myDPD service bundle, that allows customers to track down and redirect their parcels.

Each story being part of the campaign depicts a different life situation. For example, “Because some deliveries are more important” showcases young parents holding their newborn baby who had just been delivered. The point of it all is to let the end-consignees know that this service is willing to let them enjoy every important moment, without interruption or worry about their parcel delivery. Each story ends with the catchphrase “My delivery, my way, myDPD”.

All posts regarding the campaign can be found on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.